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Yorkshire Wildlife Park

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Project supported:
BIAZA Reserve: Phase Two

Yorkshire Wildlife Park supported rangers at REGUA through Phase Two of the BIAZA Reserve project.

Conservation and WLT support

"Yorkshire Wildlife Park is proud to support the WLT BIAZA Reserve project."

The conservation of South America's rainforests and the BIAZA Reserve are included in the daily Ranger presentations that take place in the South American Walkthrough exhibit that houses Squirrel monkeys, Rhea, Agouti, Capybara and Mara.  Yorkshire Wildlife Park promotes the WLT's Running in Corridors initiative during education sessions.  Other current conservation efforts include supporting the work being done by Wildlife Vets International, 21st Century Tiger, ALTA (Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance), and Painted Dog Conservation.

About Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park opened in April 2009. Despite being a relatively new wildlife park they have already gained accreditation with BIAZA (The British Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and EAZA (the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria). Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a walking safari park located in Branton, South Yorkshire. They feature large and natural habitats for all of the animals. "As well as ensuring the top quality care for all of our animals, we are also enhancing and maintaining our natural environment that includes our wetlands, woodlands and grasslands."

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