Saving threatened habitats worldwide

Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens, Great Yarmouth

Staging site


Project supported:

Indian Elephant Corridors Appeal
BIAZA Reserve
BIAZA Reserve: Phase Two
Special Appeal: Borneo


Thrigby Hall have donated to the Indian Elephant Corridors Appeal, the purchase of the BIAZA Reserve, and the BIAZA Reserve: Phase Two, and the Borneo Special Appeal project.

Conservation and WLT support

Through Thrigby Conservation Fund they have been supporting World Land Trust since 2006, donating to a range of projects.

About Thrigby Hall

Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens is a progressive zoo with a focus on conservation. Most of the animals at Thrigby Hall are species found in Asia, including tigers, gibbons, otters and alligators, so they were keen to support conservation work on this continent.

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