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Projects Supported:

BIAZA Reserve
BIAZA Reserve: Phase Two - Ranger Support
BIAZA Keepers of the Wild
BIAZA Buy an Acre in Mexico


Banham Zoo raised £6,000 towards the purchase of the BIAZA Reserve and supported rangers at REGUA through the BIAZA Reserve: Phase Two with regular donations. The zoo supported BIAZA Keepers of the Wild, and is currently supporting BIAZA Buy an Acre in Mexico.

Since 2007 Banham Zoo has donated £15,500 to WLT's partnership projects with BIAZA.

Conservation and WLT support

The support of the BIAZA Reserve will help the protection and restoration of South American species' wild habitat, securing their future. As well as a financial contribution, Banham Zoo will continue to educate visitors and be involved in research projects to aid the continued success of this project, and conservation of South American species.

About Banham Zoo

Banham Zoo - Zoological Society of East Anglia, a registered charity, has for many years held a large collection of animals and has always had a great interest in their conservation. A number of the diverse species that depend on unique habitats can be seen at Banham Zoo, including the Ocelot, Yellow-faced Amazon Parrot and a large collection of marmosets and tamarins.

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