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Jaguar in the Chaco-Pantanal Reserve

Wilderness saved in Paraguay

In 2005, WLT was delighted to receive a gift in the will of Suffolk businessman Sid Templer.This came at a crucial moment when WLT was building its partnership with Guyra Paraguay and gave us the chance to make a land purchase in the Chaco-Pantanal region of Paraguay, now known as the Sid Templer Reserve.

WLT and Guyra Paraguay identified a strategic area protecting habitat along the Río Negro, and thanks to this legacy, we have been able to protect 8,650 acres (3,600 hectares) for the future.

The area is an important stopover point for thousands of migrating birds and is home to many endemic and endangered species such as the Giant Armadillo, Giant Otter and Giant Anteater, as well as Jaguar and Puma.

“Sid Templer's legacy has been a milestone in our history.” Alberto Yanosky, GUYRA Paraguay's Executive Director

The initial purchase provided the impetus and inspiration for the creation of a reserve area many times greater:  the Chaco-Pantanal Reserve, now protects almost 35,000 acres, and WLT continues to raise funds for management and further land purchase.


 Bequests of land for conservation

Kites Hill: now managed by World Land Trust as a nature reserve. © Luke Nolt.


A living legacy: giving land as a nature reserve

Kites Hill Reserve was given to WLT as a gift by our supporter Jane Pointer, who was delighted to see her woodland and meadows in the Cotswolds managed for conservation.

Alongside preservation of the ancient beech woodland SSSI, WLT has carried out work including planting native trees and pond creation and the cattle pastures in the reserve are now managed to organic standards.

Jane Pointer died on 26 January 2014 and WLT has been named as a beneficiary in her will.

“Leaving a living legacy to WLT has given me the opportunity to take an active interest in the continued conservation of Kites Hill, while granting me the peace of mind that my land will be protected forever and provide a safe haven for all its wildlife.” Jane Pointer (1926-2014)
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